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2019 Global Corporate Sustainability Awards

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As former UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon noted in regards to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals: “Business is a vital partner in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. Companies can contribute through their core activities, and we ask companies everywhere to assess their impact, set ambitious goals and communicate transparently about the results.” (UN 2017). The implementation of corporate sustainability initiatives and the publishing of Corporate Sustainability Reports are activities that are now expected from the international business community.


In order to encourage international enterprises' development corporate sustainability and SDGs, We host the “Global Corporate Sustainability Awards” (GCSA). International enterprises will thus be offered qualitative and quantitative assistance in their corporate governance informational disclosures, which will serve to further their contribution to the protection of sustainable development, environmental friendliness, and social justice.


The GCSA will offer recognition in three major award categories: “GCSA – Reporting” , “GCSA – Professional” and “GCSA - Best Practice'.

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