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104 Taipei City中山區中山北路四段1號


GCSF was held by A˙SDGs at The Grand Hotel, connected the international communities to discuss the current global trends and progress on sustainable developments as well as the creation of business opportunities.



活動前 10 日起,即不再受理退票。
退票日期說明範例:活動演出日期為 7/10,則退票收件的截止日期為 6/307/1 起即不再受理退票。


  1. 使用Email申請,(信件內含︰填妥之退票申請表,報名登記確認信)Emailservice@ccstw.net,並來電(02)27698968確認是否寄送成功。
  2. 如購買團體票,退票需成組票券退回,恕無法退單張票券。


退款將收取票券售價 10% 之手續費。

( 備註︰若因疫情影響更動論壇舉辦模式退費者,則不另收手續費    )


退款作業時間約20個工作天 (收到退票申請且資料完整起計算)

----- Note-----

1. Refunds will no longer be accepted from 10 days before the event (For example: if the event date is on 7/10, the deadline for receipt of refunds is 6/30, and refunds will no longer be accepted from 7/1).

2. Method: Use Email to apply. The letter contains complete refund application form, registration confirmation letter. Please email to service@ccstw.net, and call (02)27698968 to confirm whether the delivery is successful.
*Download refund application form

3. 10% of the ticket price will be charged as service fee.

4. The whole procedure is about 20 working days starting from the day we receive the application and complete information.


盲鳥票 Blind Bird Ticket NT$ 2,000
104 Taipei City中山區中山北路四段1號